Screen for the early signs of 10 cancers in 1 blood draw.

LucenceINSIGHT™ is a multi-cancer early detection tool that screens for up to 10 cancers in a simple blood draw.

The test detects cancer-associated alterations in DNA fragments circulating in blood. These fragments (also known as circulating tumor DNA or ctDNA) are released from cancer cells into the bloodstream. LucenceINSIGHT™'s advanced sequence analysis runs the result to predict the site of origin.

The report will present your result as Areas of Concern that your healthcare provider may further evaluate if necessary.  

Get INSIGHT to better health today.

Why Screen for Cancer Early ?


Knowing your cancer signs early leads to better outcomes

Benefits to you.

LucenceINSIGHT™ is recommended in conjunction with existing screening tools for:

  • Individuals aged 40 and above without personal history of cancer
  • Individuals with elevated cancer risk (e.g. family history of cancer)

Based on our proprietary next-generation sequencing technology, LucenceINSIGHT™ screens for the signal of cancer with a sensitivity of 71.4% and a specificity of 99.2%3.


1 Draw
of Blood

Up to 10 Cancers

18 / 12 Days
To Results


Interested in Getting Tested?

LucenceINSIGHT™ must be ordered through a physician.

Talk to your physician about the suitability of LucenceINSIGHT™ multi-cancer early detection for you.

If you would like to sign up for LucenceINSIGHT™, write in to us.

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Important Notes:

    • LucenceINSIGHT™ screens for signals of cancer. The test does not diagnose cancer. If a positive result is found, further confirmatory diagnostic testing is recommended.
    • LucenceINSIGHT™ does not predict genetic (inherited) risk of cancer.
    • LucenceINSIGHT™ does not replace standard of care screening. It should be used in addition to routine screening tests recommended by a physician.
    • False positives and false negative results can occur.
    • LucenceINSIGHT™ only predicts for the list of cancers indicated and not more. It does not rule out the possibility of other cancers.
    • Not recommended for individuals with a personal history of cancer.

    This clinical test was developed and its performance characteristics determined by Lucence Diagnostics Pte Ltd, a company registered in Singapore (Company ID:  201605840N). This test is used for clinical purposes. It should not be regarded as investigational or for research. This laboratory is certified under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) as qualified to perform high complexity clinical laboratory testing. Lucence Diagnostics Pte Ltd is licensed by the Ministry of Health (Singapore) as a Clinical Laboratory (License Number: L/17I0039/CLB/003/222) under the Healthcare Services Act 2020.



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    2. American Cancer Society.
    3. Pek M. et al. J Clin Oncol 2023 41:16_suppl, 3052-3052.

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